Insurers’ investment strategies are constantly evolving in response to, as well as in anticipation of, market, economic, and own organisational changes. Here we provide insight and analysis into the views of market participants and influencers on the latest developments taking place globally and how they have impacted asset allocation, investment, and trading decision-making.

What UK investors need to know about ESG regulatory reporting

Wendy Walford, Head of Climate Risk, Legal & General, discusses how to mix adherence for country-specific ESG reporting frameworks with international precedents.

The merge between investment management and investment operations

Benjamin Page-Fort, Director GTM Strategy, SimCorp and Gregg Lutz, Investment Strategist for American Equity, explore the differences and commonalities between the front and back office.

Participate in the Mercer and Oliver Wyman 2023 Global Insurance Investment Survey

By taking part in this survey, you will help to build a comprehensive picture of how your industry is positioned for, and adapting to, the challenges of today’s market.

Property sector looks promising for renewables-hungry investors

As investors turn to ‘green’ energy for return and diversification, push for energy efficient buildings could increase property sector appeal.

H2 2023 trends in emerging markets investment

Changes in demographics, market fortunes, and economic management have highlighted where institutional investors can find success in emerging markets.

In Private Credit Manager Selection, the Devil is in the Diligence

Alpha in private credit derives from loss avoidance, not upside potential. That’s why it’s critical for investors to look for private credit managers with three key characteristics.

How to balance E, S, and G priorities with crunched resources

Tim Manuel, Partner and Head of Responsible Investment at Aon, discusses the ‘patchwork quilt’ effect – and how investment teams can negotiate E, S, and G priorities.

Allianz launches first net zero transition plan

The major insurer’s new net zero plan sees footprinting changes and a reassessment of allocation to high emitters.

Royal London Asset Management - Insurance Update

As market attention turns towards expectations of when, and at what level, rates will peak, Royal London Asset Management assess the current market.
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