Investment risk management in the insurance sector is unique, underpinned by stringent regulatory regimes, demanding portfolio risk policies, evolving reporting procedures, and analytical solutions. Here we provide insight and expert perspectives on how those responsible for risk management are meeting existing and emerging demands on their organisations.

ILS in 2023: Diversification and maturation

A recent upward trend in Insurance Linked Securities sees them becoming more interesting to investors in 2023, said Gordon Woo, Catastrophist, Risk Management Solutions.

Real estate turbulence in China to see potential resolution

The property and real estate sector in China is still experiencing turbulence, however, a brighter outlook and new opportunities lie ahead.

Developing UK crypto framework means changes for investors

Regulatory frameworks for digital assets are quickly developing in the UK, meaning investors could see portfolio changes sooner than anticipated.

Inflation volatility batters UK and EU

With global markets impacted by recent bank failures, insurance investors are anticipating disinflation trends and a potential soft landing in H2 2023.

Insolvencies on the rise after pandemic

Insurance investment teams could find their choice of investment hampered by poor economic performance of economic sectors.

Is the deglobalisation trend here to stay?

With post-Covid nearshoring trends making waves, investment teams at insurers are considering the impact on China’s economic recovery and growth.

Public debt snowball effect needs monitoring

Xavier Debrun, a member of the European Fiscal Board, discussed the megatrends affecting global markets, including risks and potential upsides.

Private Markets Investor Europe: Real estate, inflation-linked securities best investment opportunities in 2023

Market volatility in private asset classes pinpointed as key focus when choosing investment opportunities in 2023.

China update: Insurance investors cautiously optimistic

The world’s second-largest economy has been impacted by low GDP growth, geopolitical tension, and Covid-19 fallout.
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